Master Alignment Program

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Introducing the NEW Alignment Master Class:

Quantum Alignment System (formerly called Healing by Human Design) is a powerful system that blends, EFT (The Emotional Freedom Techniques - a meridian-based acupuncture system), Human Design, subtle energy therapies, and consciousness shifting strategies to help you align with your abundance in every area of your life.

It's fast, simple and is customized to your unique energy system so that you're working on what you need to work on in the way that's right for you.

I want to share the Quantum Alignment System program with you in a way that is simple, low-cost, effective way. I've been doing this work privately with clients for the past couple of years with some pretty amazing results and I'm ready to break out and help more people align with the wholeness, joy and abundance that is part of our energetic blueprint in a more accessible, affordable way.



During this 9-Week program we'll meet together in limited groups, live via video or phone (your choice) and use the Quantum Alignment System to clear your past pains and traumas and help you align powerfully with who you are designed to be.

Here's what you'll learn:

1.  In Master Alignment, we will focus on the Nine Resiliency Keys.

2. The Nine Resiliency Keys (Lovability, Empowerment, Courage, Decisiveness, Emotional Wisdom, Self-Trust, Vitality, Authenticity, Self Worth) and how they influence emotional, spiritual and physical health and wellness.

3. How to live the highest expression of the Nine Resiliency Keys and your energetic profile.

4. How to work with the Human Design chart, the Vital Body and the Mental Body, Supramental body levels of the aura and the quantum field to activate your energy template for health and wellness.

5. How to activate personal alignment and pain relief on a quantum level.

6. How to align the physical body and your unique Human Design through diet, exercise and correct lifestyle choices.

7. How to use leading-edge energy psychology tools to help you align your thoughts, emotions and energies with your Human Design and release your conditioning and imprinting so that you are making choices that are truly in alignment with what is whole and abundant for you.

8 How to work with subtle energies to clear your aura and restore balance in your energy field.


J. Sheridan Creative Growth Coaching

I have been on the healing journey for many many years, but there have been some areas that almost seemed resistant to healing. By targeting my unique design The Master Alignment and Healing by Human Design have given and continues to give me the specific healing that I have needed to move forward with my life.

Bobbi Klein

When I look back to this time last year and compare it to where I am now in relation to understanding and living my true identity, I am awed and amazed. My study of Human Design and the Maser Alignment Class in particular has been the major factor in my self-discovery and new sense of self. The method of combining human design with emotional freedom technique (EFT) has been so powerful in opening new and exciting vistas as I design each day of my joyful new life.

I’ve created a new way for you to participate in the Quantum Alignment System Master Alignment Program.  If you are a former student and you want to focus on one particular Resiliency Key, you can now choose which sessions you’d like to attend.  Cost $22.00 per Resiliency Key

Class Dates for Master Alignment-2018

** This Program will be taught by Advanced Professional Quantum Alignment System Practitioners

Tentative Schedule:

Self-Trust Resiliency Key - Register HERE for this KEY

(June 4th 8:30 AM and 7:30 PM CENTRAL)

Lovability Resiliency Key - Register HERE for this KEY

(June 5th 8:30 AM and 7::30 PM CENTRAL)

Empowerment Resiliency Key - Register HERE for this KEY

(June 11th  8:30 AM and 7:30 PM CENTRAL)

Courage Resiliency Key - Register HERE for this KEY

(June 12th 8:30 AM  and 7:30 PM CENTRAL)

Decisiveness Resiliency Key - Register HERE for this KEY

(June 13th 8:30 AM and 7:30 PM CENTRAL)

Emotional Wisdom Resiliency Key - Register HERE for this KEY

(June 19th 8:30 AM and 7:30 PM CENTRAL)

Vitality Resiliency Key - Register Here for this KEY

(June 20th 8:30 AM and 7:30 PM CENTRAL)

Authenticity Resiliency Key - Register HERE for this KEY

(June 26th 8:30 AM and 7:30 PM CENTRAL)

Self-Worth Resiliency Key - Register HERE for this KEY

(June 27th 8:30 AM and 7:30 PM CENTRAL)



You may choose to register for the entire program and as a BONUS, be able to participate in a BONUS Q&A Session with Karen.


COST:  $297    $197.00 Limited Time Sales Price

All calls will be recorded and you can watch the videos and do the process along with us even if you can't attend live.

Here's the bottom line.

You don't have to suffer anymore. This is a path to help you discover what is causing the pain in your life and learn how to work with it, heal it and get yourself back on track with expressing the magnificence of who you are designed to be.

From my heart to Yours,