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  • Experience : CPA/PFS, CFP®, Master of Accountancy (MAcc)
  • Specialist in : HBHD Level 1 Practitioner; Certified Human Design Specialist Level 3


There, I said it. Why is it so difficult to talk about money?

Money conversations rarely happen. Children grow up not knowing how to balance a checkbook or pay their bills. The concept of having a savings account is a pipe dream that few people realize. You don’t even know how to ask for a raise, even though you may be worth it.

Everyone needs money, yet it is a taboo topic. You pay your bills with it. You have fun with it. You use it for piece of mind. Money gives you a sense of freedom and security.  But it can also make you feel worried, anxious, and stressed.

Would it be nice to have help talking about money?

My name is Alana Heim (rhymes with Anaheim). I am a Certified Public Accountant, a Personal Financial Specialist, a Certified Financial Planner™, and a Certified Human Design Specialist. I am also a contributing author to the book, Abundance By Design: Discover Your Unique Code for Health, Wealth and Happiness with Human Design.

I empower and guide you to transform your relationship with money. If you normally struggle with feeling wealthy inside, I give you the wealth awareness tools necessary to master your prosperity inwardly and outwardly. YOU walk away with a new vision, perspective, and a deep love and understanding about who YOU are and the wealth YOU possess.

Let me guide you to manifesting, transforming, accumulating, and preserving the wealth
you truly desire. Let me show you the way to realizing a life full of prosperity.

Are you ready to release your fears and old beliefs surrounding money
so you can step into the power within you?

I offer various Human Design readings; including, but not limited to, sessions related to Strategy, Being Centered, Embracing You, Relationships, and Business for individuals, couples, and/or families. I have studied Parenting by Design, Relationships by Design, Money by Design, The Penta in Human Design and Healing By Human Design.

Do you often wonder if your Prosperity Compass is broken?

I work with my clients using the Prosperity Compass™, a six-month program designed to align you with your inner prosperity and your outer wealth. This program is offered in two different formats: one-on-one private coaching, or a group program.

The Prosperity Compass™ is a five-step program:

• Step 1 - Envision Your Wealth

  • Clarify your values
  • Get clear on your vision
  • Align your priorities with what you want

• Step 2 - Energize Your Wealth

  • Learn about energies within you and around you
  • Know who you are to live authentically
  • Master your personal life strategy
  • Make decisions correct for you

• Step 3 - Self Healing

  • Shift your mindset to become a money magnet
  • Change how you view yourself, wealth, and others
  • Transform your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs into powerful ways of
    thinking and being so you have the courage to take action
  • Step into being your powerful self

• Step 4 - Wealth Healing

  • Create a relationship with money
  • Communicate with others about money
  • Spend with intention
  • Align your values with your spending
  • Learn how to budget and accumulate wealth•

• Step 5 - Nurture Your Wealth

  • Care for you and your money
  • Learn how to give and receive
  • Become a role model for those around you
  • Enjoy your relationship with money

This deep work is integrative. It allows you to transform who you are you into being a
wealth magnet. At the end of the journey around the Compass, you emerge free to marvel
at the beautiful soul you have always been; full of love and light, generous, authentic,
empowered, wealthy, and living life with a passion that emanates from you.

I conduct all of my readings and private coaching sessions via Zoom, a platform that
uses video and/or telephone to connect. This platform allows me to record our call and
send it to you in either MP3 or MP4 format. You also receive a PDF copy of my Client
Human Design Guide. I am located in Reno, Nevada and work on Pacific Standard Time

I invite you to contact me to learn more. Let us explore together the wealth possibilities
that await your reality! I would love to assist you and support you on your journey, so
you can embrace the wealth that is YOU! ♥

With love and gratitude,

ALANA HEIM, CPA/PFS, CFP®, Certified Human Design Specialist
The Prosperity Alignment Coach Financial Therapist Public Speaker Author

Prosperity Alignment, Inc.
Reno, Nevada, USA
“Find You Be You Love You”
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