What Is Healing by Human Design

What is Healing by Human Design?

We are designed to experience health, wellness and abundance.  At any given point in time 48-62 trillion cells in your body are functioning optimally and supporting your physical experience of a healthy, happy life.

The Human Design chart is a blueprint that shows the relationship between our physical body and our unique energetic configuration.  Human Design shows us that, not only are we designed to experience vitality and health, we are also designed to be abundant, joyful, have meaning and direction in our lives that is fulfilling and valuable, to be empowered, self-loving and compassionate.

But, sometimes something goes wrong.  Injury, bacterial and viral assaults, immune system dysfunction and more creates a response in the body that manifests as illness and physical challenges.  Beliefs and life experiences create trauma, emotional and spiritual pain.

And we lose our connection with our joy, abundance and vitality.

If we’re hardwired to experience health and vitality and abundance and joy are the optimal expressions of energy, what is the true purpose of pain?  And why do so many of us get caught in cycles of pain that repeat themselves over and over?

Of course, our first desire is to get out of pain and to stop the progression of whatever is hurting us.  Addressing the symptoms of what’s hurting us is a vital part of healing.  When you’re in pain, it’s hard to focus on anything else other than the pain and consequently, our growth stops until the pain is managed.

But, only addressing the symptoms can cause us to miss the bigger purpose of pain and can ultimately create cycles of pain that repeat over and over.

Pain can be a powerful teacher, a life-changing (and life-saving) messenger and ultimately, the greatest catalyst to deep healing.  When we only treat the symptoms of pain we often miss some of the bigger messages to healing our deepest wounds, our genetic lineage and our spiritual legacy.

image_03The course of Life often takes you away from having a deep connection with your Authentic Self, the abundant, joyful Self you are designed to be.  Genetics, family history, belief systems, other people’s energies, experiences and, for those of us who are more sensitive, even witnessing or reading about the suffering and pain of others can imprint us physically, spiritually and energetically, causing us to lose touch with our natural pain-free state.

Not only that, but Human Design shows us that each an every one of us is here to contribute to the world in a unique way.  Unfortunately, most of us are taught that there is only one way to be successful and to make a meaningful contribution in the world.  We learn to hide who we really are, compromise our desires and give up what is most natural for us in order to try to be successful in the rigid way that we’ve been taught.

It takes a LOT of energy to maintain an identity that isn’t true to who you are.  Every time you say “yes” to something you really want to say “no” to, try to be something or someone you’re not, make a choice that feels wrong (even though your logical mind is telling you something different), give up a dream or a desire, nurture someone else at cost to yourself and choose circumstances that actually take you away from your joy and your Authentic Self, you use an enormous amount of energy.

When you use your vital life force energy to maintain a facade and inauthentic choices, you will eventually burn out.  (And sabotage everything in your life, often times including your health…)

The greater the disconnect from your Authentic Self, the greater the pain in your life.  Your pain is telling you that you’re “off-course” and helping you realize that you need some serious “course-correction”.

It’s hard to discern the true source of your pain.  Because most of us learn to disconnect from our Authentic Selves from an early age, we lose touch with ourselves and often struggle to know what’s really bugging us and ultimately causing us pain.

Human Design shows us that we are uniquely designed and that we each process and experience energy differently.  Your unique Human Design chart will show you where you are most likely to experience pain if you do not live true to your Authentic Self.

What you are experiencing right now is the sum total of every choice that you’ve made in your life.  How you are hard-wired energetically (your Human Design) will influence the kinds of choices that you make and what you need to choose to fully express your Authentic Self.

When you experience pain it is often the result have having made a choice that stops the natural flow of your unique energy.  The greater the pain, the more choices you’ve made that have taken you farther away from your Authentic Self.

image_02In the Healing by Human Design System you will discover a systematic approach to understanding your energy and the energetic forces that have influenced your life choices.

In the Healing by Human Design System, we look at five layers of influence and imprinting that help us understand what and why we’ve made the choices that we’ve made, and most importantly, how to consciously make new choices that bring you closer to who you truly are, restoring your energy and easing pain in all areas of your life.

Each one of the five layers contains within it a series of questions, called Choice Points.  Choice  Points are questions designed to help you discover the motivations that influence when you make a choice in your life.

Every time you make a choice, you have the option of choosing a “high” or “low” expression of your Authentic Self.  If you choose a “low” expression, it will manifest as pain in your life.  If you choose a “high” expression it will manifest as abundance and joy in your life.

The purpose of the Healing by Design System is to help you become aware of the forces that influence you when you make choices and to empower you to consciously make choices that are more in alignment with your Authentic Self.

When you consistently choose in favor of your Authentic Self, you begin to master the lessons your pain is giving you, fully activate your energy and move from pain to vitality.

And you get to live the life you’ve been struggling and fighting to live for a life time.